If you found something online that might be dangerous for a child or adolescent, REPORTING IT is the first step of eliminating the content. We encourage you to write to us and our team will make sure that the information reaches the appropriate institution or law enforcement office that is equipped to investigate and intervene.

Please bear in mind that completing your personal data in the form is optional. This data helps us to ask for further information in case this is necessary. Persons who report content will not be considered suspects regarding the content they have reported.


What time of content can I report?

These are the types of contents that together, we can eliminate from the Internet.

Illegal content

The esc_Abuz reporting line receives notifications on a number of topics that contain illegal content, as defined by the Romanian legislation:

  • Pornography accessible to minors – is sexually explicit content intended exclusively for adults. We believe that exposing children to such materials has profoundly detrimental effects on their development. In Romania, the pornographic content in the online environment under the jurisdiction of the Romanian authorities (hosted on servers within the country) is regulated by law no. 196/2003. The normative act specifies that the owners of these websites must ensure access only on the basis of a password and the payment of a fee. Notifications received in connection with this type of content, hosted on servers in the country and accessible to minors, if confirmed, are directed to the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications.
  • Child pornography – refers to content with sexual abuse of minors. This is incriminated by Article 374 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates, “Pornographic material with minors means any material that presents a minor or an adult as a minor, having explicit sexual behavior or which, although not a real person, simulates, credibly, a minor with such behavior, as well as any representation of the genitals of a child for sexual purposes. ”
  • Discrimination – is an act classified as a contravention and incriminated by Government Ordinance 137/2000. Specifically, the deed refers to an action that involves a different treatment, unfair to people in terms of employment, social protection and security, public services, access to goods and facilities, the education system, freedom of movement and so on, based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity or social status. The competent institution in such situations is the National Council for Combating Discrimination.
  • Human trafficking of minors – an act punishable by the Criminal Code by article 211. ,, The recruitment, transportation, transfer, shelter or reception of a minor, for the purpose of exploitation, is punishable by imprisonment from 3 to 10 years and prohibition of the exercise of certain rights. The consent of the victim of trafficking is not a justifiable cause.
Harmful content
  • Materials involving child nudity.
  • Materials with scenes of violence (videos or images that capture real acts of violence against people or animals).
  • Materials that promote and encourage children to use vulgar language or vicious behaviors (use of psychoactive substances, alcohol or tobacco use among minors or gambling).
Some abusers travel in search of victims. Do not overlook, report!

The esc_ABUZ reporting line raises an alarm about the specific situation of children who fall victim to pedophiles traveling from other countries. You can send a completely anonymous notification about such situations through the reporting form or to the e-mail address: and we will quickly direct it to the competent authorities.
If you are at the airport, train station, in public transportation, or in a hotel, and see situations of minors accompanied or taken to a room by people who appear to be strangers, please alert the authorities immediately.
Possible signs that the minor is a victim of human trafficking or that is sexually abused:

  • the child is dressed in a sexualized manner or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances
  • the minor shows obvious signs of malnutrition or physical abuse, has bruises or scratches on the body, or signs that he/she has been burned with a cigarette
  • the minor cannot give details about where he/she is or why he/she is there, or the communication with other people seems to be “a script” (it was learned in advance) or gives contradictory details
  • they are afraid of security personnel or uniformed personnel
How we process your report to esc_Abuz?

Sending notifications to the esc_ABUZ reporting line can be done by anyone with internet access by filling out the form on any of the following pages:


Or trough sending a message to the email address This can be done completely anonymously.

If the report refers to pornographic materials that are legal materials, but are accessible to minors and the content is on a server inside Romania, the report will be sent to the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communication in Romania. If the reported files of this type are located on servers outside the country, the report is closed.
The information and reports received through the esc_Abuz reporting line, which transmit details about risk situations, emotional abuse, lack of care, etc., to which minors or vulnerable people are subjected, will be sent to the General Directorate of Social Assistance.
After completing the esc_Abuz form, a report is created that automatically receives a registration number. These numbers are consecutive. If the report is received by e-mail, it will be recorded by the operator in the reporting line database. The operator analyzes the reported content and, depending on its type and the location of the server on which it is hosted, sends the notification to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, the Organized Crime Directorate, ANCOM, DGASPC or another INHOPE member reporting line, when the host server is in the country of competence of that hotline.
If the report contains links, images of child sexual abuse or nudity, and the respective website or multimedia file is identified by the analyst as being hosted on a server in the country, the report is sent to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, respectively to designated officers by selecting the specific fields in the esc_Abuz application and completing the internal database accordingly.
If the received report is sent to a streaming channel, and the video or audio stream is transmitted in real time, with transmission of real images about physical abuse, suicide attempts, etc., the operator will immediately notify the police or call the emergency phone number 112.

How can you report completely anonymously?
All notifications received through the reporting form on the esc_Abuz page can be completely anonymous by checking the “No” button located at the bottom of the field “Do you agree with the transmission of your personal data to the police or other structures authorized to intervene in the investigation of the complaint?”. Activating this option together without filling in the fields dedicated to personal data (name and contact) do not allow the reporting line operator to identify the person who filled in the reporting form. If the fields for names and contact details have been filled in, but the consent of the person who made the report was not provided by checking the “Yes” button, the respective notification will be treated as anonymous, respectively the name or contact details will NOT be be transmitted to the authorities. If the representatives of the competent authorities request the contact details of the person who submitted the report, the esc_Abuz operator will request the prior consent of that person to provide the data to the authorities. In the absence of this agreement, contact details will not be provided, and the report will continue to be treated as anonymous. For details on the measures implemented for the protection of personal data, please refer to the section “Data protection policy”.
If you have sent a report to esc_Abuz via the dedicated email or through the reporting form with the option to send contact details, you will be informed about how the situation brought to the attention of the reporting line was resolved.
Collaboration with Romanian state institutions

The esc_Abuz reporting line collaborates with the competent institutions of the Romanian state, with attributions in protecting the rights of minors and vulnerable persons but also in combating illegal acts. Notifications received from the romanian public and external partners regarding materials with child abuse or other illegal acts that affect the rights and integrity of minors are sent to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, based on a collaboration protocol concluded between the above-mentioned institution and Save the Children Romania.

I want to make a complaint. How do I proceed?

This procedure is in line with the rules of good practice and transparency of the work of the esc_Abuz reporting line, carried out within the Save the Children Organization a member of INHOPE.
Any person who considers that has been harmed by the operator of the esc_Abuz reporting line by fulfilling or not fulfilling the work duties, can submit a notification to the coordinator of the Ora de Net project at the email address The notification must be in written form, containing the identification data of the person sending it (first name, last name, reply address and data about the report sent) and the subject of the notification as well as the nature of the damage created. Anonymous, offensive or undisclosed notifications about the report submitted to the esc_Abuz line or other details that clearly define the nature of the damage will not be accepted.
The notification will be analyzed by the project coordinator in accordance with the legal norms in force, the legal norms of personal data protection, the ethical principles of Save the Children Organization and the standards of good practice of INHOPE, and the answer will be sent within 30 working days to the author of the notification. The response of the project coordinator and the action of finalizing the notification or, as the case may be, the disposition of administrative or disciplinary sanctions against the operator of the reporting line, are final.

Financing and Governance

The esc_Abuz reporting line is part of the Ora de Net project, a unique program in Romania, which aims to promote the use of the Internet by children in a useful, creative and safe way. The Ora de Net project is coordinated by Save the Children Romania and is co-financed by the European Commission. The activities of the Ora de Net project are carried out based on the legislation in force and the provisions of the Collaboration Protocols concluded with the competent institutions of the Romanian state.
Ora de Net has an Advisory Board that has been active since 2008, consisting of representatives of public and private institutions that aim to protect children or work in sectors that impact children’s activity online. More precisely, it consists of representatives of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, the National Authority for Child Protection and Adoption, the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications, the National Association of Internet Service Providers, National Agency Against Trafficking in Human Beings, Orange Romania, ECDL, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, TPU, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work.
The Advisory Board holds regular meetings in order to oversee the activities of the Ora de Net project, to support the initiatives proposed by the implementation team and to support the creation of a framework to ensure a creative, useful and safe use of the Internet by children.

If you don’t want to use the form provided on this page, you can tell us about what happened on as well.

Please bear in mind that Save the Children Romania or the Ora de Net programme do not encourage or endorse the search for child pornography content on the Internet.